Mario Baldi was born in 1977 in Piombino (LI), Italy.
While studying computer science he started working in the computer graphic field. With a constant passion for art, comics and computer graphics, he attended schools of digital art and drawing both as a student and as a teacher, gradually getting closer to modeling and character art.

His first experience as a modeler was in Fulmini e Leopardi (a little, creative studio in the centre of Pisa), where he dealt mainly with cartoon characters.

In 2006 he moved to Rome and worked as a Senior Modeler in his first movie at rainbow CGI: Winx – The Secret of the Lost Kingdom.
At the end of 2007 he moved to Milan to work as Lead Character Artist for the demo of a NextGen videogame.
As of January 2009 he relocated to Amsterdam to join Streamline Studios as Senior Character Artist.
At the end of 2010 he joined NWave Digital in Brussels, to work on the feature film “Sammy’s Adventures 2“.

In 2011 he moved to Toronto, Canada, to join Arc Productions as Senior Character Artist & TD, working on several titles including “Halo4:Forward Unto Dawn“.

In 2013 he started working at Bohemia Simulations in Prague.

As of June 2015, he joined Gaming Corps, Uppsala, Sweden, to work on “The Descendant“, a five part episodic adventure game.

For a complete reading of Mario’s CV, take a look at his linkedIn profile.